Deposit Allowance

Deposit Allowance

Once you have registered your account, the next step is to deposit funds into your allowance balance. These deposited tokens can then be used to sponsor transactions on the platform.

To deposit funds

After registering, you will need to go to the deposit tab in order to deposit allowance and view your allowance balance. In the Deposit tab enter the amount you want to deposit. You need to send the desired amount of APT tokens only from your registered wallet address.

Deposit Options

1. Deposit

To deposit funds evenly to all feepayer accounts.

2. Deposit and Equalise

To deposit fund unevenly to maintain same balance on all feepayer accounts.

3. Deposit to Specific

To deposit to a particular feepayer account.

Allow for Confirmation

Blockchain transactions require confirmations to be included in blocks. Allow the transaction in your extension.

Begin Sponsoring Transactions

These deposited tokens are now available in your allowance balance to sponsor transactions. To submit transactions for the platform to process, you will need your unique payer key that was provided upon registration.

Once you have deposited funds into your allowance balance, the next step is to whitelist wallet addresses that will be eligible to receive sponsored transactions from your account.

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