Referral Program

Kana Labs is happy to introduce our referral program as an opportunity for early adopters and Kana Labs loyalists to see a steady source of passive income stream with minimal effort.

The referees will keep earning endless rewards - 10% of the transaction volume per transaction for all transactions performed by your referrals in the Kana Labs Web App platform.

Step 1 - You can access the referral page from ->, this page opens with a chain selection screen. Please select the blockchain from the list of logos displayed and connect your wallet. Here, I am choosing the Ethereum chain and connecting my metamask wallet to the referrals UI.

Step 2 - Once the wallet is successfully connected to the UI, the referral link is displayed in a small box on the left side of the UI in the “Copy and share your referral link” section. You can share the link directly from the UI using the social media icons below the link.

Map Wallets to Referral ID ->

Step 1 - Please visit the Kana Labs website using the referral link shared by your referee and connect your wallet to the UI.

Note -> In cases where a user has multiple wallet IDs/different chains from which the transactions are made, please ensure that your referee accesses the Kana Labs website using the referral link from each of their wallet addresses and repeat the same step above to map those wallets to your Referral ID.

Track Referrals & Rewards ->

Step 1 -> The "Stats" column on the right side of your referrals page displays the number of referrals associated with your referral ID and the rewards earned based on their activity.

Step 2 -> The wallet address of the referrals mapped to your account can be found below the stats section.

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