Manage Users


Adding to the Whitelist

To sponsor transactions from a specific wallet address, it must first be added to your whitelist of approved addresses. This ensures only authorized addresses can receive sponsored transactions paid from your allowance balance.

On the dashboard you can manually add addresses to whitelist and remove from whitelist.

Address Parameter

The "address" parameter specifies the wallet address you want to whitelist. Enter or paste the full 40 character hex address here without any formatting.


Click the Add button to make the request to add this address to your personal whitelist. You will receive a response confirming if the address was successfully added. Now this address is eligible to receive sponsored transactions from your account, up to the specified gas limit.

Disable Users

This disable option to to stop users from using sponsored txns.

Enable Users

Enable users to resume sponsored txns for that user

Using SDK

You can also manage users with following functions on the paymaster sdk.

Enable User

const enable = await sdk.enableUser();

// Output log
{ success: true, message: 'Successfully changed user state to true' }

Disable User

const disable = await sdk.disableUser();

// Output log
{ success: true, message: 'Successfully changed user state to false' }

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