Blockchain Infra

The Kana Labs blockchain infra suite is aimed at simplifying Web3 and making it accessible for all. Be it new users or veterans in the Web3 space or participants from the Web2 world looking to enter the Web3 market.

The two biggest challenges that prevent blockchain and Web3-based tech from fully realising their potential thereby hindering mass adoption and Web2 to Web3 migration are –

  • Fragmented Blockchain Market (Lack of Interoperability)

  • Technical Challenges in UI/UX (Navigation Issues)

Fragmented Blockchain Market

Today’s Web3 market has more than 200+ active blockchains each claiming to address different pain points from the first few chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each of these chains has its own user and developer base due to its own unique design architecture and coding languages resulting in a lack of interoperability. This has resulted in a fragmented market. Even if there are some bridges which help establish cross-chain communication, they are limited to one-to-one interaction rather than one-to-many. This is an issue that affects both end users and developers.

Thus anyone entering the market will have to spend time focusing on learning the tech and language behind each chain and invest a huge amount of time, money and resources to facilitate support for that particular blockchain network. And they still have a hidden worry that the chain’s user count and development activity may go down in future which would mean the time and resources spent so far would become wasteful.

Technical Challenges in UI/UX

Aside from interoperability, there are many challenges that even entry-level participants face. Entry into the blockchain world would mean a user would require a crypto wallet, keyphrase, source token, worry about gas fees and more. This becomes a big hindrance as It affects both ease of use when making transactions and prevents new users from showing interest as they would have to invest a lot of time to learn and understand the technology and still face more difficulties when executing a transaction unlike in Web2 world where everything is a very simple process.

Thus we at Kana Labs have developed products focusing on addressing these issues. We have developed Web2-friendly SDKs and APIs which negate the participant's need to study and understand the tech behind the blockchain world. All they have to do is integrate our products using familiar Web2 programming language and they instantly gain industry-leading Web3 capabilities such as Account Abstraction, Cross-chain interoperability via bridge and liquidity aggregation.

Our B2B products are as follows

  • Web3 Middleware aka Aggregator SDK

  • Mirai SDK – EIP 4337-based Smart Wallet

  • Paymaster

  • Kana Widget

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