AMM Swap Aggregator

The Kana Labs AMM swap aggregator platform has been built on top of our Web3 Middleware aka Aggregator SDK which combines multiple liquidity sources (DEXs & Liquidity Aggregators) and Cross-chain bridges alongside a smart routing algorithm under one unit.

The platform brings together 9 different chains from both EVM & non-EVM backgrounds under one roof. The platform allows users to control slippage on their swaps and provides users with multiple rate quotes and routes for them to choose from.

This allows users to execute each of their transactions at super-fast speeds and better rates ensuring client satisfaction. Each transaction is now executed with the best price and low transaction execution timing be it same-chain or cross-chain transactions.

The list of supported chains is as follows –

Non-EVM – Aptos, Sui, Solana

EVM – Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche and zkSync

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