Kana Trade

Fully On-Chain Decentralized Orderbook Trading Platform from Kana Labs

Kana Trade is a completely decentralized on-chain order book trading platform from Kana Labs. It aims to simplify the complex navigation process while also addressing limitations prevalent in today's decentralised trading environment to enable traders to truly realise the full potential of a blockchain-powered trading environment.

On the user side, we have simplified the UI/UX of the order book platform to mirror a traditional Web2 trading platform-like experience. At the same time, behind the screen, our platform is powered by Econia's cutting-edge order-matching engine built on top of Aptos network's Block-STM & Parallel Transaction Execution tech.

These two blockchain infrastructures particularly favour trading environments and address prevalent limitations in today's decentralised order book market which is powered by the serial transaction execution method.

Thus the traders at the Kana Trade platform can execute their entire trade order (asset price matching & transfer) in a single transaction and place two trades at the same time while traders in other platforms get to place a single trade order.

These two factors combined enable traders to truly experience a Web2 trading environment that comes with all the benefits of blockchain technology such as security and transparency. This is achieved as the entire transaction process has been made fully decentralised and on-chain in real-time. This also helps avoid the hassle of having to share personal details and avoid losing control & ownership of assets prevalent in the Centralised Exchange environment.

Thus traders get to experience the best of both worlds such as super-fast transaction speeds, better rates, good liquidity and complete ownership of their assets.

Here's an example implementation of trade book API using javascript/typescript

Swagger API Documentation


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