Mirai SDK - The EVM Smart Wallet & Paymaster

Elevating the Web3 Experience with Account Abstraction and Multi-Chain Efficiency

Mirai SDK, powered by Kana Labs, represents a revolutionary leap in the Crypto & Web3 landscape, specifically designed to streamline onboarding processes and enhance user experiences within the realms of decentralized applications (dApps) in the DeFi and GameFi sectors, along with crypto wallets. Our innovative smart wallet has been designed as a middleware SDK that acts as a self-custody smart wallet, prioritizing account abstraction features and a robust multi-chain relayer infrastructure. Our SDK is the key to unlocking a more user-centric, efficient, and versatile crypto experience. Join us in redefining the future of crypto adoption and interaction.

Key Features at a Glance - Discover the possibilities with Mirai SDK.

  1. Seamless Multi-Chain Ecosystem: Mirai SDK empowers users to seamlessly transact across various blockchain networks, including both EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and Non-EVM chains, all through a unified and user-friendly interface. By integrating our smart wallet SDK with our Web3 middleware SDK, developers gain access to a unique environment for crafting efficient dApps. The smart contract wallet empowers users with full control over their assets, while the Web3 middleware facilitates dApp deployment across multiple chains simultaneously, providing users with unparalleled flexibility in managing their DeFi and GameFi operations.

  2. Email/Social Login: Simplify the user onboarding process by offering login options through email and social media accounts, mirroring the familiar Web2 experience. This feature is pivotal in bridging the gap and onboarding the next wave of users from the Web2 to Web3 ecosystem.

  3. Gasless Transactions: Users can conveniently cover their transaction gas fees with the same tokens they are transacting, irrespective of the supported blockchain network. In our comprehensive DeFi and GameFi ecosystem, users can use any token from any chain to pay transaction fees.

  4. Larger NFT Ecosystem: Facilitate a genuine multi-chain environment, fostering a more expansive NFT marketplace. Users can engage with NFTs with greater ease and accessibility, unlocking new opportunities within the NFT space.

  5. Sponsored Transactions: Enable third-party entities and project backers to cover gas fees for users conducting transactions within their dApps or upon their request. This feature enhances user engagement and encourages participation.

  6. Transaction Batching / Multi-Call: Simplify transaction handling for users by batching multiple transactions into a single, one-click approval process. Activities such as Approve, Deposit, Borrow, and Stake can be executed seamlessly within a single transaction.

  7. Cross-Chain Bridging: Achieve true cross-chain transactions effortlessly through a unified interface. Transfer tokens across different chains, including both EVM and Non-EVM chains, and vice versa, all from a single user interface. This functionality is made possible by Kana Labs' Web3 middleware, equipped with multiple third-party messaging protocols and proprietary asset bridges.

Supported Networks


EVM Chains -

01. mainnet (Ethereum)
02. polygon
03. optimism
04. linea
05. gnosis
06. mantle
07. avalanche
08. base
09. bsc
10. klaytn
11. scroll
12. flare
13. arbitrum
14. bifrost

Non-EVM Chains -

01- aptos 


EVM Chains -

01. bscTestnet
02. KlaytnTestnet
03. ScrollSepolia
04. FuseSparknet
05. goerli
06. mumbai
07. sepolia
08. flareTestnet
09. bifrostTestnet

Non- EVM Chains -

01. aptosTestnet

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