Web3 Middleware SDK/Aggregator SDK

Liquidity & Cross Chain Aggregator Layer Middleware SDK

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain development is undeniably exciting, but it's also highly intensive, time-consuming, and often daunting for developers. Understanding the intricacies of different blockchain architectures, infrastructures, and coding languages can be a substantial barrier. Furthermore, the fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems, both public and private, has hindered the realization of a truly decentralized ecosystem and discouraged users and developers from fully embracing Web3. Kana Labs recognizes these challenges and presents a game-changing solution - Web3 Middleware.

What is Web3 Middleware?

Web3 Middleware aka cross-chain aggregator SDK is Kana Labs' innovative Software Development Toolkit (SDK), designed to empower crypto dApps to seamlessly transition from single-chain to multi-chain ecosystems. It addresses the complexities and fragmentation inherent in blockchain development, making it accessible to developers and business entities, whether experienced or new to the crypto space.

How Does Web3 Middleware Work?

At its core, our middleware combines three key practices used by DeFi and DEX dapps in today’s market to provide a better transaction experience -

Proprietary and Third-Party Liquidity Aggregator Engines: To ensure ample liquidity for transactions.

Proprietary Cross-Chain Asset Bridges and Third-Party Messaging Protocols: Facilitating cross-chain communication.

Smart Routing Algorithm: Optimizing transaction pricing and processing.

By amalgamating these elements into a single SDK, Kana Labs simplifies the integration of multiple blockchain networks, each with its core infrastructure, architecture, and coding language. The supported blockchains form the foundation of the middleware, while crypto dApps' front-end interfaces sit atop this versatile framework.

Seamless Multichain Deployment

Kana Labs SDK Middleware has been meticulously crafted with the aim of breaking down barriers for both newcomers and experienced developers. The crypto and blockchain industry faces the challenge of onboarding the next billion users to Web3, and our middleware plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

Today's blockchain market is diverse, with various blockchains designed for specific purposes, each employing different coding languages like Rust, Solidity, and Move. Learning and working with these languages demands substantial time and resources. Even then, the resulting dApps are confined to their respective environments, perpetuating market fragmentation.

Kana Labs addresses this by enabling both established businesses and new developers to instantly deploy crypto dApps across multiple chains with true cross-chain capabilities. Minimal modifications to the front end are required, eliminating the need to master various coding languages or understand diverse blockchain infrastructures.

Developers can utilize their existing front-end coding languages to create applications on top of our middleware, providing immediate access to multiple blockchain networks, a wide range of similar dApps within our ecosystem, and a larger customer base, thus resolving liquidity issues faced in the existing fragmented DeFi market.

Paving the Way for Real-Time Crypto Payments and true Mass Adoption

A major concern for new developers and businesses is the potential lack of mass adoption for their chosen blockchain given their need to do a deep study of the Web3 market space and tech. This necessitates the users and business entities to spend countless valuable resources ranging from money and time to human resources and man-hours dedicated to learning and understanding the market and choosing the right chain that fits their needs.

But even then there is fear of whether the selected blockchain network will gain true market share and mass adoption in today’s already huge and cluttered market or the decision to go with a popular blockchain which may not necessarily meet all their requirements both of which could result in a potential loss for the business entity/investor.

Our middleware helps mitigate such risks and worries as they can easily connect their application platforms/dApps to our middleware with just a slight modification to their app’s front end and instantly gain Web3 and crypto transaction/payment capabilities with support for cross-chain transactions. The users can transact using any tokens they possess, which our middleware will automatically convert to the desired token chosen by the business entity crediting the tokens to the selected destination wallet and vice versa.

This means that end users do not have to possess a popular cryptocurrency and can use any tokens in their possession to make transactions paving the way for true mass adoption of crypto payments and transactions. This will be easily reflected particularly on the payments side as any business be it large-scale sales chains or small brick-and-mortar firms, e-commerce websites etc., can now use our middleware to instantly gain multi-chain crypto payment capabilities.

Furthermore, existing dApps in the crypto space can instantly gain multi-chain capabilities by deploying their apps on top of our middleware with just some minor modifications to their front-end code. These DeFi dApps can also use our middleware to custom-build their own DeFi services and product offerings.

Kana Labs Liquidity Aggregation Solutions

Our Liquidity Aggregation Solutions combine both proprietary and third-party liquidity aggregation services. While liquidity aggregators pool resources from various dApps and liquidity pools, limitations often arise concerning the number of supported blockchain networks or the availability of tokens in their liquidity pool.

To ensure our users consistently enjoy ample liquidity and competitive pricing, we've integrated liquidity feeds from multiple sources, including our proprietary liquidity aggregator engine and partnered third-party liquidity aggregation protocols like 1inch and Jupiter aggregator. This approach empowers users to access various routes, each offering the best pricing for their transactions.

Kana Labs Cross-Chain Aggregation Solutions

Kana Labs stands out as a true cross-chain solutions provider. While other cross-chain solutions typically offer asset bridges or messaging protocols, these solutions often cater to specific types of blockchains, such as EVM chains, or chains created using a common coding language. This has led to a fragmented ecosystem, despite efforts to address interoperability concerns.

In contrast, Kana Labs has developed asset bridges that facilitate communication between blockchains with varying backgrounds, including EVMs and non-EVMs, distinct core architectures, and coding languages. These bridges are complemented by third-party messaging protocols like Layer Zero, Wormhole, Axelar, Celer Network, and proprietary bridges from blockchain networks themselves, creating an all-encompassing omni-chain cross-chain experience.

Smart Routing for Efficiency

While most DEX and dApps may allow users to choose the desired liquidity source in their routing algorithm, we go a step further by introducing cross-chain bridge aggregation capabilities. What it means is that we support multiple cross-chain bridges as some chains have a better affinity with a certain bridge while other chains have an affinity with another bridge.

We at Kana Labs support multiple cross-chain bridges each of which has been tested against all supported blockchain networks. Our proprietary Smart Routing algorithm not only chooses the best rates for executing each transaction from the available liquidity sources but also chooses the right cross-chain bridge for each transaction thereby optimizing each transaction & ensuring our clients enjoy competitive pricing and expedited transaction processing for every single transaction.

This becomes especially crucial for cross-chain transactions, where transaction times can vary significantly. Our algorithm selects the most efficient bridge, reducing transaction times from potentially 40 to 90 minutes to mere minutes.

Here is a list of Cross-Chain Bridges currently supported by our middleware:

Wormhole Bridge (Live)

Layer Zero (Testing Phase)

Celer Network (Development Phase)

Axelar (Development Phase)

Transaction times for various cross-chain routes using Wormhole bridge:

Aptos-Solana: 2 to 4 minutes

Aptos-Polygon: 2 to 4 minutes

Polygon-Aptos: 40 to 90 minutes

Solana-Polygon: 2 to 4 minutes

Polygon-Solana: 40 to 90 minutes

Solana-Aptos: 2 to 4 minutes

The Futuristic Tool -

Kana Labs Web3 Middleware represents a monumental leap in simplifying and democratizing the Web3 space. With our Web3 Middleware SDK, we aim to make blockchain technology accessible to all. Barriers are dismantled, and the true potential of decentralized ecosystems is within reach. Join us on this transformative journey into the world of Web3 with Kana Labs.

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