SDK Gateway Functions


To initialize the SDK instance specify a network, and return the result of initialization.

Returns KanaWallet address

To destroy the SDK instance specifying a network for destruction, or destroying all instances if no network is provided.

To get the native token balance of the smart wallet. Returns native token balance

To get the ERC1155 collection instance for building ERC1155 transactions. Returns the ERC1155 contract instance

To get the ERC20 token instance for building ERC20 transactions. Returns the ERC20 contract instance

To get the ERC721 collection instance for building ERC721 transactions. Returns the ERC721 contract instance

Retrieve the Aptos SDK instance

To get the RPC Provider for the given network. Returns providers.JsonRpcProvider

Example const provider = getProvider(networkName)

To check if the given network is available and active. Returns bool

Example const isActive = isNetworkActive(networkName)

To set the default SDK instance and retrieve the SDK instance associated with the specified network

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